Repetitive play

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child learning - puppet play

Does your child have a favorite song or book that they want to hear over and over again? Or how about rebuilding a tower of blocks just to have them tumble to the ground all over again. Children learn best when they repeat something that is familiar. By doing something over, the child is able …

Preparing your child for adulthood

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On average, during our lifetime a person works 50 years and is in school about 12–16 years. It is no wonder there is such a need to be prepared for our working years. Each phase in our development builds on each other and prepares us for the next and greater step. We move from play, …

The four types of play in child development

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Why play is important for a child’s development Play, or autonomous choice of activity, has been identified by child psychologists as the primary mode in which young children construct their understanding of their world. Art is unique from the other types of play in that the child makes something with their hands. This requires focus, …

Is your child ready for school?

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Starting art education at home during the preschool years will help your child be prepared for the basic requirements of learning in a classroom setting. At this age they are interested in learning about their world; how things look, taste, feel, and smell. Art gives them an opportunity to visually express their experiences. Starting art …

The UpliftingPlay beginning

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The new website About a year ago I had an opportunity to stop and reflect on my life and look a few years into the future. I knew I had to change some things to prepare myself to be a father. I wanted to do everything I could to prepare for parenthood, do something that …

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