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Drawing Ideas Ebooks: Drawing Visual Reference for Kids

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 Drawing Ideas Ebooks: Drawing Visual Reference for Kids Review

How can I teach my kids to draw more realistic drawings?


drawing outside, portable

The Drawing Ideas Ebook Collection contains over four hundred color photographs to draw. More than just a book full of pictures, these ebooks help your child draw from a photograph rather than copying a drawing through a series of steps. Drawing from a photograph will teach their eye to see the shapes and lines as they challenge themselves to copy the picture. They will quickly notice how realistic their drawings become because they're referencing a photograph and not someone else's drawing. Unlike other drawing visual reference books, these books contain no nudity or adult themes. The images selected are a kid-safe way for them to learn how to draw the human figure.

Loaded with all of these great benefits

  • You will teach your kids how to draw more realistically by drawing what they see through observational drawing and perception drawing. The technique recommended by Betty Edwards in her book Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain
  • Books are PDF files and can be opened on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop..
  • Unlike pictures in magazines, you can zoom into each picture to see the fine details. So your child can see the details up close.
  • The motivation you need to pickup your sketchbook and start drawing.
  • Cure for artist block and boredom, over 400+ drawing ideas to keep those creative juices flowing.

This drawing ebook is great for

  • A parent, art teacher, or grandparent who would like to encourage a child’s interest in drawing
  • An existing artist who would like to improve their drawing ability and draw more realistically

For I am nearly convinced, that once we see keenly enough, there is very little difficult in drawing what we see.

John Ruskin, author of The Elements of Drawing

The following 4 digital books are included

  1. Drawing Ideas

    Does your child like drawing animals? If so, this book is for them. They will practice drawing realistic lizards, fish, birds, insects, and various mammals. Over 100 drawing ideas to choose from.

  2. Drawing Ideas: Just Objects

    Does your child like still life drawing and practicing to draw realistic objects? Now they can draw over 100 drawing ideas of just that. Inside they will find beautiful photographs that are sure to inspire. Practice still life drawings and perspective drawing as they draw from observation.

  3. Drawing Ideas: Just People

    Does your child struggle drawing realistic people? Who doesn’t right. Now they can practice drawing the human figure, hands, portraits, and facial expressions. Over 100 human figure drawing reference photographs to help them practice drawing more realistically through observation. Teach your kids how to draw the human anatomy without the nudity.

  4. Drawing Ideas: Just Animals

    Does your child like drawing realistic animals? If so, this book is for you. You will practice drawing realistic lizards, fish, birds, insects, and various mammals. Over 100 good drawing ideas to choose from.

The great artists studied through observation

da vinci horse study sketches and drawings

Observation drawing is a drawing technique that has been used by all of the great masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Pablo Picasso. It is essentially looking at something (person, object, landscape) and using your perception and logic to recreate what you see onto paper. Da Vinci was known for his sketchbook studies. He would draw a horse from as many viewpoints as possible so he would see and understand a horse. How it moved, how it sounded, and even how the anatomy worked. When you sketch and study something with that much focus you burn the image and form of the the horse in your memory. So you are 10x more likely to recreate that drawing from memory than if you were to draw the horse drawn in the step-by-step tutorial.

Renaissance artists wished they had photograph drawing reference

ipad or kindle fire hd on angle showing horse page

Today we have a great advantage. We have the ability to “capture” an image with a camera and reference it later. Observation drawing in person is the best way but photographs are a close second because they freeze the subject in time. This gives the artist plenty of time to observe what is being drawn. This is what makes this ebook so helpful. It is a catalog of high resolution images you can take with you on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Each time you reference the drawing it is exactly how you left it. No shifting shadows, no bad weather, and no live models complaining of stiff muscles.

Being bored and unmotivated gets old, fast

Drawing Ideas Ebook

I created these drawing reference ebooks to help beginner artists like your child cut through the clutter and frustration of finding something to draw. These ebooks will encourage and motivate your child to practice drawing and improve their ability to draw what they see. Since this book is loaded with hundreds of different drawing ideas for beginners, they will not get bored because they will not draw the same thing over and over. Also, the more they make drawing a daily habit the less motivation they will need to get started.

What children are saying about the drawing books

I love to doodle, but I get stuck finding WHAT TO DRAW. I think this book is a GREAT IDEA!! It gives you LOADS of ideas and you can't get bored. Also I use it as a game with my sister where she has to ask questions about what I'm thinking in the book! So please buy this free fab book! :)

By Emily1117316

Wonderful photos illustrate good ideas. Will be helpful to get you started (again), remove artists' blockage by simple suggestions what to draw/paint - or write about, I would add. Really like it and will give it a try...could work for you too.

By L H

I loved it because you put the kindle in front of a note book and just copy the drawings down.

By Lara

I chose this rating because it is very helpful I liked it how it gives ideas what to draw like the things I would never think of drawing I would recommend this to my friend and family! :)

By Brandon Coverdale

I find this handy as I am not good at drawing and this is giving me things to draw to improve.

By Mary Wilkinson

 Common Questions

How many drawing ideas are there?:

Each ebook has roughly 80 pages and over 100 photographs to draw. All together, there is over 400 photographs to draw. Plenty of drawing practice material to curb artist block.

I don't get it. Aren't these just books full of pictures?:

These drawing ebooks provide ideas for drawings. Drawing photographs help beginner artists develop their artistic ability and train themselves to perceive the image they are drawing. This is an important skill to draw more realistic drawings.

Couldn't I just go online and find my own pictures to draw?:

Yes you could, and I recommend doing that to find a specific image you need reference for. These ebooks save you time by providing quality high-resolution images to choose from. Often it takes time to find quality images online.
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