Drawing Ideas: Just People eBook

Need some visual reference to inspire your next drawing?

It is important to draw from visual reference as you practice drawing because referencing a photograph helps train your eye and hand to draw more realistically.

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Drawing Ideas: Just People eBook contains over one hundred ideas your child can take wherever they go. More than just a book full of pictures, this ebook helps your child draw from a photograph rather than copying a drawing through a series of steps. Drawing from a photograph teaches your child's eye to see the shapes and lines as they challenge themselves to copy the picture. You will quickly notice how realistic their drawings become because they are referencing a photograph and not a cartoon or simple line drawing.

★★★★★ Gives me fantastic ideas!
I love to doodle, but I get stuck WHAT TO DRAW. I think this book is a GREAT IDEA!! It gives you LOADS of ideas and you can't get bored.”
By Emily1117316
I chose this rating because it is very helpful I liked it how it gives ideas what to draw like the things I would never think of drawing I would recommend this to my friend and family! :)”
By Brandon Coverdale
★★★★★ Cool!
This book is totally cool so many pictures you'll find yourself trapped in a world of color detail and beauty. it was a very enjoyable experience for me. :)”
By evefeik
Wonderful photos illustrate good ideas. Will be helpful to get you started (again), remove artists' blockage by simple suggestions what to draw/paint - or write about, I would add. Really like it and will give it a try...could work for you too.”
By L H "L H"
I find this handy as I am not good at drawing and this is giving me things to draw to improve.”
By Mary Wilkinson
★★★★ Very inspiring
I loved it because you put the kindle in front of a note book and just copy the drawings down.”
By Lara age 9
★★★★ Drawing Dilema!
My children love to draw and when they dont know what to draw they ask me can they use my kindle to use the app Drawing Ideas! Very good and keeps the kids busy and happy.”
By David Mcconnell
★★★★ Interesting Ideas
Other reviews said that the book was pointless, but I thought that this was a great book with interesting ideas that have really brought my drawing on a great level and creative sketches.”
By Diane M. "dinnyirish"

Draw what you see and not a series of steps


Drawing from visual reference helps the artist develop their own techniques and ability to draw what they see. Eliminating the need to find a particular drawing tutorial to fit a drawing idea you have.

Zoom in to see every detail


The great thing about digital books is the ability to zoom into images to take a closer look. Now you can make sure you capture every detail in your drawing.

A variety of ideas will keep you drawing longer


The variety of drawing ideas will keep you drawing for hours. You will be able to practice drawing things like a snowboarder, a horse, a lily pad, and many more!